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Perfect Ties for Spring-Men's Fashion

We don't know about you BUTTT we are getting sick of this cold winter weather! We have Spring/Cabin Fever hard, and the only cure currently is dreaming about Spring break and NEW clothes.
We love putting together a fresh new Tie with a crisp dress shirt, clean suit coat, and topping it off with a fun Tie Bar or lapel pin. 
You cannot go wrong with any of our Tie suggestions below! 


~Floral Tie~

 Floral Ties just feel happy. Bright Colors and Patterns- stand out and pair oh-so-nicely with a navy or grey suit! 

**Major EXTRA Style Points = if you add a crisp Gingham or Striped Shirt 

~Collegiate Print~ 

Reminisce down memory lane with a Fun & Colorful Collegiate style Tie. You'll be immediately transported back to those College Days! 

**Major EXTRA Style Points = if you dust off that Navy Blazer and Light Tan Khaki Pants.   

~Bright Stripe~

 Stripes are CLASSIC, and always will be! Thick Stripes, Skinny Stripes, Horizontal, Slanted..etc. They ALWAYS LOOK GOOD! 

**Major EXTRA Style Points = if you Mix Prints (Striped Tie with a Printed Shirt/or Suit Coat)


~Ultra Skinny Tie~ 

 The Skinny Tie Revolution is.......HERE. The skinnier the better. Our tip is to search for those 2"-3" width ties and you cannot go wrong!  

**Major EXTRA Style Points = if you pair the skinny Tie with Super Slim Cut fitting Suit 



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